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Free Video Consultation!

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It’s a common theme in SolidLine Media’s celebrated body of work, which includes over 1,000 high-quality HD video productions for companies like DHL, Ingredion and John Deere. (See excerpts above in our 2015 Show Reel.)

Valuable Marketing Partner

You can always depend on SolidLine Media to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table to strengthen your video production’s impact on viewers. Our goal is to become a reliable creative resource that promotes your brand and contributes to your long-term success.

Full-Time Crew. No-Charge Travel. Bottom-Line Pricing.

Our Chicago based video production company has a reputation for boldly doing things differently from other video production companies. We threw out our “Business as Usual” sign, and replaced it with a set of unique standard operating procedures that makes our clients very happy:

Full-time Crew – Unlike other video production companies, we don’t hire outside freelancers as crew for our business video productions. Our clients feel secure when the same experienced team shows up for every shoot. They’re confident that the new corporate video will have the same look and feel as previous ones.

No-Charge Travel – We don’t charge our clients for travel expenses anywhere in the U.S.—ever!  When time permits, we travel to clients’ location shoots in SolidLine’s fully loaded video production truck

Bottom-Line Pricing – There’s no line item called “Oops!” on our final invoice. We take the time to give clients a fully detailed video production proposal. The bottom-line price we commit to at the start of the project never changes. So that means no cost over-runs, no surprises, and no “Oops!”

Exclusive Video Production Process – Our unique SLM video production process ensures that the end product will always be an outstanding corporate video that surpasses your expectations. Our clients often tell us that we’ve made the normally complicated process of business video production much easier for them, too.

From bottom-line pricing to no-charge travel, see why we’ve earned a 100% customer satisfaction rating:

The Top 7 Reasons Clients Enjoy Working With Us
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Free Video Consultation

To learn more about our business video production services, please call 312-648-6600 today or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation with a SolidLine Media producer. We’ll talk about your project, brainstorm ideas and develop a production quote for you. We look forward to the conversation.

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